Discrimination Claims – Guidance for Employees

Discrimination Claims – Advice for Employees

The feeling that your manager or colleagues are treating you unfairly because of your race, religion, gender, health or anything other than your ability, is very upsetting and stressful.

Sometimes it seems easier to ignore it and hope it will go away. Usually, it is advisable to challenge discrimination at work and make sure your professional life is not affected by the prejudice of others.

Our compassionate and experienced team can help you present your claim for discrimination to your employer and ease your stress and worry for you.

Specialist Employment Lawyers

We are a respected local law firm, although we specialise in employment law and have extensive experience in bringing successful discrimination claims.

Don’t let the complicated law of discrimination put you off making a claim and missing out on the compensation you deserve – our expert team are here to help. We have achieved six-figure sums for clients with discrimination claims on many occasions.

What are the fees for hiring a solicitor?

We facilitate a complimentary phone consultation with a competent lawyer to determine if our services can be beneficial to you and to guide you towards the most suitable action plan.

In certain situations, we can operate under a no-success-no-fee model, or you might have the opportunity to utilize your home or auto insurance to handle our fees (as some policies feature ‘Legal Expenses Insurance’ that provides coverage for employment disputes.)

If you can’t utilize either of these options, we can decide to undertake the work based on our regular hourly rate or settle on a flat charge for the services.

Call us on 0118 914 5622 or complete our Contact Us Form to arrange a free and confidential call back from a qualified member of our legal team.

When you call DPH Legal, you will speak to a qualified and experienced employment law solicitor who’ll be able to guide you to a resolution for your unique situation.

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