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Our Pricing Transparency Information

Generally speaking, the firm charges on a time basis for any work undertaken. This can include but is not limited to taking instructions from clients and providing them with advice via email, telephone calls, video conferencing or in-person meetings as well as drafting relevant correspondence and documents, and providing legal representation where a claim is taken to the Employment Tribunal.

The following hourly rates apply at present:

Rates and Expenses

David Harris £245.00 per hour

Mark Lafferty – £245.00 per hour

John McConkey – £245.00 per hour

Stevyn Jackson – £245.00 per hour

Jennifer Al-Janabi – £245.00 per hour

Yasmin Awan – £245.00 per hour

Nicholas Febrer – £245.00 per hour

Charlotte Grew – £245.00 per hour

For details on the experience and qualifications of our Solicitors, please see

If any lawyer other than those shown above carry out work on your matter, we will provide you with details of their charge out rates and obtain your consent before allowing them to become involved in any of your matters.

Meetings, letters, telephone calls, e-mails, texts, voicemails and faxes are charged in units of 6 minutes.  All other time spent will similarly be charged on a time basis in units of 6 minutes.

The firm will add VAT to its charges at the rate that applies when the work is undertaken. At present VAT is charged at 20%.

Sometimes we may agree to charging a fixed fee. Fixed fee charges are based on the assumption that the work can be completed in the estimated time without any complications. Any additional work may be charged at the hourly rate, or we can agree on an amendment to the fixed fee. No further work will be progressed until we have received your written consent to the amended fees.

Bank details will be provided with invoices and payment is accepted by bank transfer or cheque.


Employment Tribunal Claim Fees

Our costs for advising on claims for unfair or wrongful dismissal are based on the amount of time we spend on each claim. We charge an hourly rate of £225 per hour plus VAT.

Time Estimate for Employment Tribunal Claims

The amount of time needed to advise on a claim can vary considerably as each claim is unique. If a settlement can be reached at the early conciliation stage before the matter is taken to Court, the process can take between six months and a year to be fully resolved. Simpler matters of this nature can require your solicitor to work between 20 and 40 hours.

A highly complex case might require your solicitor to work in excess of 200 hours on the matter and can take approximately two years before it is heard, depending on the listing capacity of the Employment Tribunal involved.

At the start of every case, we provide an estimate of the likely cost to be incurred. This estimate will be based on our experience with similar cases. We will keep you regularly updated on the costs incurred on a monthly basis by sending monthly invoices.

Estimated Employment Tribunal Claim Fees

The average cost of an Employment Tribunal claim can range from £10,000 to £20,000 plus VAT. A claim of this nature would typically involve redundancy or a single act of misconduct. Claims of high complexity can cost in excess of £60,000.

Employment Tribunal claim fees can include charges for tasks such as:

  • Receiving initial instructions;
  • Considering relevant documents and providing preliminary advice;
  • Drafting Claim a form for approval and submission to the Tribunal;
  • Receiving and considering the former employer’s response;
  • Reviewing and disclosing all relevant documents;
  • Preparing and agreeing on witness statements in support of the Claimant’s claims;
  • Reviewing and considering the witness statements prepared in support of the former employer’s claim; discussing the statements with the Claimant’s witnesses and considering whether to prepare any supplementary evidence;
  • Preparing and agreeing on a Schedule of Loss (i.e. the sums being claimed);
  • Preparing witnesses and case for the Tribunal Hearing;
  • Instructing Counsel (if appropriate);
  • Attending the Tribunal Hearing;
  • Receiving and forwarding to you any written judgment.

Factors that could add to the complexity of the Claim

  • Involvement of a large number of witnesses or the requirement to include more documents than usual;
  • Making a claim against multiple respondents which might include a company as well as numerous individuals employed by the company;
  • If the claim is against an employer who does not have legal representation and is acting as a litigant in person;
  • A response from the other side that has been inadequately drafted and requires more comprehensive information;
  • Including costs applications that need to be defended;
  • The need to resolve preliminary issues, examples of which would be establishing whether or not the claimant is disabled within the meaning of the Equality Act 2010, or determining whether the claimant’s claim has been presented within the relevant limitation periods;
  • Taking over the defence of a claim that did not receive adequate legal representation from the start.
  • If there is special legislation relating to the dismissal such as whistleblowing;
  • The requirement to instruct expert witnesses such as occupational therapists or psychologists;
  • If a dismissal involves allegations of discrimination such as race discrimination or disability discrimination; and
  • Difficulties relating to communication with claimants or respondents who are deeply offended and vexatious.


Disbursements (expenses) are not included in our hourly rate and are charged extra at the same cost we pay to the service provider. They are charged “on account” which means that payment, which includes 20% VAT, must be made in advance and not after the work has been completed.

Examples of disbursements include:

  • The cost of travel to and from meetings or Tribunal Hearings;
  • Any fees incurred in couriering documents;
  • Court fees;
  • Translation fees;
  • Barristers’ fees, which can depend upon:
    • The extent of their involvement in any pre-hearing work;
    • The complexity of the issues and the evidence;
    • Their seniority;
    • The likely length of time needed to prepare the case and;
    • The length of any hearing.

Barristers’ fees typically range between £750 and £2,000 plus VAT per day.

The firm occasionally offers a Damages Based Agreement (also known as ‘no win no fee) in which case clients pay up to 35% including VAT of any damages negotiated or recovered on a client’s behalf.

Billing periods

We will submit bills monthly or at other intervals while the work is in progress. Our bills are payable immediately. Bills delivered will be final bills for the period to which they relate (without prejudice to the final nature of our bill). We may invoice expenses for that period in a subsequent bill.

Terms of settlement

Unless specifically agreed otherwise, all invoices rendered are to be settled immediately. The final responsibly for the payment of your invoices remains with you, even if your legal fees are covered by insurance. If you have any questions about the charges listed on your invoice, you can contact the solicitor assisting you to provide further clarification. Should you wish to make a complaint, you are invited to follow our complaints procedure which can be found on our website.

Should invoices not be settled in accordance with these terms the firm reserves the right to charge interest. Interest will be charged from the date of delivery of the account until payment. The rate charged is currently 8% per year. Any interest on expenses will be charged only from the date on which they are paid if that date is later than the date on which the firm delivers the invoices in which they are included.


For any information relating to our services please give us a call and we will be very happy to help.

We can be contacted 24 hours a day.

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