No Win No Fee Claims

Are you worried about the cost of a legal claim against your employer?

Are you putting off pursuing your claim due to fear of escalating legal fees? Whilst professional legal advice is often viewed as expensive, this doesn’t have to be the case.

Our flexible pricing options include no win – no fee and fixed fee agreements. No-win-no-fee agreements are used for Employment Tribunal cases. If you know you are suffering injustice at the hands of your employer or have been unfairly dismissed you can suffer untold stress.

We understand that putting off legal advice because of the possible cost can add to your stress and we can help ease the burden with our ‘No Win – No Fee’ employment law service.

Our No Win – No Fee offer (also known as a ‘Damages Based Agreement’) means you don’t pay anything unless you win your case and receive financial compensation.

Our fees are calculated as a percentage of any compensation you receive – therefore they are always affordable. (In the unlikely event that your case is unsuccessful and you do not receive the compensation you pay nothing.)

Fixed Fee Agreements

With a fixed fee agreement, we carry out specific activities at a cost agreed upon in advance with you. This means you are in full control of the costs.

Examples of the type of activity usually carried out as part of a fixed fee arrangement are drafting letters to an employer, creating contracts of employment and producing policy documents.

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