Tips For Dealing With A Workplace Bully

Workplace bullying is quite common in many types of jobs. Of course, you can ignore it and let the bully forget about you. However, if everything escalates, you need to take action. Find out more about some of the things you can do if you experience workplace bullying at your job.

1. Keep A Journal

You need to write down everything that happens. If possible, make sure there are exact dates and times when everything happens. It’s going to be strong evidence of the pattern of bullying.

The bullies can’t deny this when they are confronted about their behaviour since there is strong evidence backing them up.

2. Read More On Workplace Bullying

You need to read more about workplace bullying to know what triggers your bully’s behaviour. That way, you will have standard ways to respond effectively.

Find out your employer’s approach to employee welfare. Ask if there is anything covering harassment and bullying at work. You will have a lot of information at work to help you deal with the situation.

3. Speak To Your Colleagues

Ask for input from your colleagues, especially if they are witnesses to what you have experienced. Their witness statements will also work as part of the evidence in case you have to escalate the matter to a higher authority.

Luckily, you might find someone who has experienced the same type of bullying from a particular individual so you can join forces and escalate together. Even better, there is comfort in knowing you are not alone.


4. Use A Support Network

You should have a support network at home or at work. It’s a good way to boost your resilience and confidence.

You can find colleagues to support you during your fight. Basically, you need people you can speak to about the matter and find relief.

5. Speak To The Boss

Arrange for a meeting with your boss when you are calm and collected. Bring your diary along and speak clearly about the matter. Make sure you bring evidence from other people.

If you are worried about being emotional during the meeting make notes before going in and practice the key statements to avoid deviating from the whole plan. Don’t forget to mention how the bully’s behaviour is affecting you and find ways to make your case strong.

In conclusion, you have the right to report a bully if your job has become unbearable so speak up to the right people to prevent the behaviour from going further.

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