Unfair Dismissal – Advice for Employers


Unfair Dismissal – Advice for Employers

Has one of your managers dismissed an employee without following the correct process?

Or has a former employee threatened legal action for unfair dismissal?

If you are a manager who has had to let go of an employee and you have not followed the correct legal procedures, you could be liable for an expensive claim.

Our specialist solicitors can ease the stress and expense by giving you clear and relevant advice that will add value and reduce the impact on your bottom line.

Specialist Employment Law Solicitors

Our local and highly experienced solicitors are on hand to assist you.

The law around unfair dismissal is complex and it’s always better to have an expert on your side.

Many employers choose to ask for advice from an employment solicitor prior to dismissing an employee. This ensures that they follow the law and avoids the risk of defending a legal action.

As solicitors specialising in employment law, DPH Legal frequently act for employers to advise them of the correct process when dismissing an employee.

We also have a wealth of experience in successfully defending claims for unfair dismissal.

How much does a solicitor cost?

We offer a free telephone conversation with a qualified solicitor to assess how we can assist you and advise the best course of action. We can then agree on either an hourly rate or a fixed fee to formulate a defence which will minimise any potential claims.

Call us on 0118 914 5622 or complete our Contact Us Form to arrange a free and confidential call back from a qualified solicitor.

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