Unfair Dismissal – Advice for Employees

Unfair Dismissal – Advice for Employees

Have you been unfairly dismissed?

Losing your job is a shock and we understand that this is a stressful and anxious time.

You know when you have been unfairly or unreasonably treated, and seeking justice is one of the ways you can relieve the feelings of victimisation.

Our specialist solicitors can ease your stress by giving you clear and helpful advice.

Specialist Employment Law Solicitors

Our local and highly experienced solicitors are on hand to assist you.

The law around unfair dismissal is complex and it’s always better to have an expert on your side.

As solicitors specialising in employment law, DPH Legal have a wealth of experience in providing the best advice about unfair dismissal.

We often assist employees and achieve high levels of compensation for them.

Costs for a solicitor?

We provide an initial consultation with a certified solicitor at no cost, during which we evaluate if we can assist you and suggest the most suitable plan of action. In some instances, we might operate on a contingency fee basis, or you could potentially use your home or car insurance to pay for our services, given that some policies come with ‘Legal Expenses Insurance’ that covers employment disputes. If these options do not apply to you, we can settle on conducting the work based on our hourly rate or establish a set fee for the services rendered.

Call us on 0118 914 5622 or complete our Contact Us Form to arrange a free and confidential call back from a qualified solicitor.

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