Grievances – Advice for Employers

Grievances – Advice for Employers

Are you dealing with a grievance from an employee and are unsure how to manage this correctly?

Do you need to create a policy for the grievance process?

If so the specialist solicitors at DPH Legal can help you.

Defending Grievance’s

We are a firm of local solicitors with specialist knowledge of employment law and we frequently provide advice to employers, enabling them to manage a grievance to a satisfactory outcome.

The complication and stress of defending a grievance mean that employers often seek the advice of a solicitor, especially if they feel there is a risk of the employee taking legal advice themselves or if the reasons for the grievance are of a complex nature and may lead to a claim at an Employment Tribunal.

A grievance can lead to an accusation of constructive unfair dismissal and employees can then claim that compensation should be paid as a result. It is important to manage grievances in accordance with the law to avoid the risk of potentially costly compensation claims.

All solicitors at DPH Legal are highly experienced in assisting employers to successfully defend grievances and prevent unnecessary payments and legal action from taking place.

We are also more than happy to assist with the creation of a grievance policy should you require this service.

How much does a solicitor cost?

We offer a free telephone conversation with a qualified solicitor to assess how we can assist you and advise the best course of action. We can then agree on either an hourly rate or a fixed fee to formulate a defence which will minimise any potential claims.

Call us on 0118 914 5622 or complete our Contact Form to arrange a free, confidential call back from a qualified solicitor. 

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