You should contact ACAS if the terms of your employment and the employment law are being infringed on. ACAS will be able to provide advice and conciliation during such times. If you’ve tried to solve an employment issue first by talking to your manager or HR and that has not been successful, you may wish to raise a claim at an employment tribunal. Before doing so, you will need to contact ACAS who can provide additional advice and guidance on workplace disputes.

ACAS provides both employers and employees with impartial advice and information regarding all aspects of employment and workplace relations.

The Advisory, Conciliation and Arbitration Service also provides information and advice regarding the employment law that is free of charge. They help to support and foster good relations among employers and employees.

Resolving Workplace Conflicts

Relations between employers and employees may at times become rocky. ACAS helps by providing conciliation to help in the resolution of workplace problems. You can contact ACAS to help you with the resolution of your workplace issues.

Termination and Notice Period

ACAS can help you with your termination. You can contact them for advice on whether the right procedures were followed during termination.

Was a notice period given? This should be in accordance with the employment terms. You should also contact them if your normal pay was not paid after the notice period lapsed.

Redundancy Issues

Redundancy might often lead to issues between employees and employers. You should contact ACAS when you feel that your redundancy was unfair and that the right process was not followed.

ACAS helps to check whether due process was followed. Redundancy pay, notice period and consultation are considered. Advice is given on whether you should appeal.

Minimum Wage Concerns

Governments set the minimum wages that are entitled to workers. This is the minimum amount that a worker should be paid for his or her services. Employers may at times want to breach these limits.

You can contact ACAS for advice regarding the minimum wage you are entitled to. ACAS may help to push for the minimum wage that you are entitled to.

Discrimination in the Workplace

Discrimination may be present in the workplace. Equality may not be practised by your employer. You should contact ACAS if you feel that you are being discriminated against either directly or indirectly.

ACAS offers advice ad support for individuals and businesses when it comes to discrimination, victimisation and harassment. It offers training for businesses to help improve practices within the workplace.

Leave and Holiday Rights

You are entitled to paid holidays during your employment. An employer should offer you annual leaves. This is dependent on the number of days or hours worked and employment agreements.

Sick leave, maternity, and paternity leaves can cause contention within the workplace. ACAS can help to advise you on your eligibility for leaves and holidays.

The Advisory, Conciliation and Arbitration Service is able to provide advice to both employers and employees regarding workplace matters.

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