The Bodleian Library of Oxford

In the world, there are many well-known and well-respected libraries. The libraries that are the most celebrated are those that date back hundreds and hundreds of years and are essential resources for people all over the world.

The Bodleian Library is located at Oxford University, not too far from our solicitor’s office and it is one of the oldest libraries in the UK and Europe. It’s the second-largest library in the UK, and it contains over 12 million items.

The Library’s Beginnings

The library was founded by a man known as Sir Thomas Bodley, and it was designed in English Gothic architecture and opened in 1602. Today, it’s open every day of the week except Sunday. The Bodleian Library group includes the main University library, the Bodleian Library, and over 20 other libraries of different significance for visitors ranging from novices to professionals.

A research library is what students and professionals use to find in-depth information on a wide variety of subjects. The library will contain both primary sources and secondary sources. The material in these libraries is highly guarded. Some research libraries do not lend their information to the public to protect the content, but there are some that do.

Its Connection to the University

The Bodleian Library is the leading research library at the university University. It does not allow books to be borrowed. In fact, books were never lent to readers as far back as the library has been in existence. It’s a rule that is highly guarded.

At the Bodleian, there is a unique collection of books that are traced back to the 15th century. The library began with 20 books and now contains every book published in the UK. Today, the library contains over 12 million items on 117 miles of shelving. In the 21st century, e-books are a big part of society, and at the library, over 80,000 e-journals are also part of the collection.

Visitors will find not only rare books and manuscripts but also maps, classical papyri, art, music and more. At least 5000 books arrive at the library every Wednesday to be catalogued and stored in the library. The library has seating for up to 2500 readers.

The Library’s Mission

The mission of the library is to support students, teachers, researchers and professionals. It also has a mission to provide the world with unique collections to benefit the world and UK society.

Various parts of the library are known for world-renown things. There’s the Jacobean Gothic which is a 17th-century structure that contains architectural objects not seen anywhere else. There is the Tower of Five Orders, on the eastern side, which depicts the five traditional orders of architecture.

Featured on the western side, visitors will find the Divinity School, launched in the 1400s. Constructed of 15th-century English Gothic architecture, it features a fan-vaulted ceiling that contains the initials of the many benefactors and was shown in one of the Harry Potter films.

There are many tours that one can see to visit the library. The “Mini” tour lets a visitor see the most beautiful parts of the library in 30 minutes. The “Standard” tour allows one to see the interior of the buildings that are considered the most historical of the university.

An Extended Library Tour

The “Extended” tour, both upstairs and downstairs, allows one to see the historic rooms of Bodleian Library as well as the modern underground reading room. There’s an “Audio” tour that gives you a perspective of the history of the library from its launch to the present.

The “Divinity School” tour lets a visitor get introduced to the old room known as the Divinity School which is the oldest teaching hall at the University. There is also a “History Trail” tour where you can take a trip around the Bodleian libraries and learn about their history. All of these various tours are designed to ease visitors into the library plan and teach them as much as possible as the library plan.

Many people who are familiar with the Bodleian affectionately call the structure “The Bod,” and every year it attracts more and more people. The most recent development is that the Bodleian Library was renovated and reopened to the public and includes new academic spaces and large spaces open to the public.

For any information relating to our services please give us a call and we will be very happy to help.

For any information relating to our services please give us a call and we will be very happy to help.

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