What a Discrimination Lawyer Does

A discrimination lawyer handles cases of discrimination, in particular when it comes to issues in the workplace.

They actually do a lot of different things, but the exact actions they take depend on the case they are working on.

Example of Discrimination

Let’s discuss a few examples, which will give you a better idea of what they do.

Not Being Paid Fairly

A common example of discrimination is when men and women don’t get paid equally.

If a woman works in a male dominant environment and is paid quite a bit less than her male counterparts, then it may be due to discrimination.

The reverse can be true too, and if the males and females possess the same qualifications and they perform the same tasks with the same end result or within the standards of the company, then they should be paid in a similar manner.

It’s advisable to seek legal advice from a lawyer who will be able to offer consultation regarding your situation. They’ll research the company and then determine if you were being paid unfairly. If you were, then they can fight for the compensation you should have been paid.

Denied Benefits Or Refused Entry Into Facilities

If an employee is denied benefits that are entitled to by law, then there is a good chance it may be due to discrimination.

The same goes if you are barred or refused entry to certain facilities. If you are supposed to have access to the same facilities as everyone else and are entitled to benefits, then it’s a good idea to contact a discrimination lawyer.

A qualified lawyer will research the benefits you’re entitled to, just to make sure you were supposed to receive them.

If you were, then they can file a lawsuit and help you claim those benefits. They’ll also fight for additional compensation as a result of missing out on those benefits.

Rules That Aren’t Fair

Another example of what a discrimination lawyer can do is help clients fight back against rules that are unfair, regardless of what their employer or a place of business says.

For example, if new rules go into effect at the workplace, but certain employees are affected the most by them, then it might be discrimination.

For example, if a workplace bans religious symbols from being worn on clothing, then only a certain number of employees might be directly affected by it, therefore it might be discrimination. This is just one example of how rules can be unfair.

Age Discrimination

Many people are discriminated against due to their age, and sometimes people don’t get hired due to how old they are.

Proving age discrimination, whether it’s during the hiring process or at the workplace itself for current employees, can be difficult to prove.

If a lawyer handles your age discrimination case, then they may do extensive research into the company, and its history and they may conduct interviews with current employees, past employees and people who have interviewed with the company if privacy laws allow them to do so.

How A Discrimination Lawyer Can Help

In short, discrimination lawyers evaluate clients’ situations before determining whether or not they were discriminated against.

If they were, then they will handle the process involved with filing a lawsuit and fighting for their client’s rights. They will also fight for loss compensation and things of that nature.

They can handle other types of discrimination cases too. This includes housing and business.

If you were a customer at a place of business and were refused service based on certain factors, then you might have been discriminated against. The same goes if you were refused to house when you actually qualified for it.

Do you believe you were discriminated against at work or in a place of business? Maybe

Disclaimer: The contents of this article are for information purposes only and should not be relied upon as formal legal advice. We cannot accept responsibility for any loss as a result of acts or omissions taken in respect of this article. Specific legal advice should be sort tailored to the individual circumstances in all cases.

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For any information relating to our services please give us a call and we will be very happy to help.

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