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Do you find yourself entangled in a legal dispute and is the thought of the time and expense of a court battle giving you anxiety? Look no further than mediation and arbitration – the dynamic duo of alternative dispute resolution. A seasoned solicitor can be your guiding light in navigating the intricacies of mediation and arbitration, ultimately leading to a swift and effective resolution of your dispute.

Avoiding litigation

Mediation and arbitration offer a distinctive approach to resolving your legal issues without the extensive and tedious process of litigation. With the proper legal guidance, we can steer clear of the traditional courts, saving you valuable time and money while keeping your dispute entirely confidential.

Mediation involves a neutral third party mediator that will facilitate the resolution of your dispute, whether formally or informally, in a way that caters to your particular needs. As trusted solicitors, we will prepare you for mediation, advising you on your legal rights and responsibilities while passionately advocating for your interests.

On the other hand, arbitration entails a neutral third party arbitrator who will render a final and binding decision to resolve the dispute. Arbitration can either be voluntary or mandatory and presents itself as a more cost-effective alternative to traditional litigation. And don’t worry, with me by your side, you’ll be well-equipped to handle arbitration proceedings, from preparation to representation during the hearing.


With the choice of mediation or arbitration, you can bid adieu to the stresses, expenses, and uncertainties of court proceedings. These alternative dispute resolution methods guarantee a speedy, private, and efficient resolution of your legal issues. A seasoned mediator and arbitrator will have the expertise and knowledge necessary to provide you with excellent guidance and representation throughout the process, guaranteeing a favourable outcome.

Moreover, mediation and arbitration can help preserve relationships with the opposing party, especially in sensitive family or business disputes. By engaging in a collaborative and creative process, we can find solutions that benefit both parties while also maintaining a positive relationship.

If you’re facing a legal dispute and are considering alternative dispute resolution, we implore you not to hesitate in contacting us. As experienced solicitors, we have the necessary tools to guide you through the mediation or arbitration process, ensuring a successful outcome while bypassing the time, expense, and uncertainty of traditional litigation. So why wait? Contact us today and schedule a consultation to discover how mediation and arbitration can benefit you.

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    We can be contacted 24 hours a day.
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